Tuesday, April 5, 2011


If you can get past the premise of the movie, that someone is obnoxious enough to talk about how much better they are than others because they’re good looking, it’s not a bad movie.  I can believe there might be some people who think they’re better because they’re good looking, but talking about it, and getting a crowd of people to cheer you as you do it?  That just was uncomfortable for me.  But I really liked the Olsen twin witch!  The makeup on the characters was interesting for me and helped keep me involved.  The character of the father of the beast was not believable but I liked the characters of the blind tutor (Neal Patrick Harris) and the maid; they lent substance to the movie and helped save it for me.  The romance of the beast and the beauty was cute, a little sappy, but that was okay for me.  Definitely not a must see.  1.5 stars.  If you have teenagers they might like it better.  

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  1. The Olson twin witch! I want to see that, but thanks, I think I'll take a pass on this one after reading your review.