Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger

Stay for the credits, there's a scene of the next movie you don't want to miss.  I was so excited seeing it.  You'll have to guess why!  Yes, I loved this movie.  It was cool to see the back story this way.  I always like how they tie all the stories together.

The story is Chris Evans plays Steve Rogers, a really small guy trying to enlist to go off to war (WWII), but he keeps getting rejected.  Finally a doctor (Stanley Tucci - love him) notices and suggests Steve Rogers for an experiment to create an elite super-soldier unit.  Rogers turns super big and strong, but the formula is lost, so he's the only one.  He then becomes a symbol of strength and good for the American citizens.  This movie had some good action and I thought the acting was good.  The first scenes trying to make Chris Evans seem puny were a bit distracting, but not too off-putting.  This is a must see, I give it 3 stars!

Crazy, Stupid Love

This movie was crazy, stupid funny!  I loved it!  Steve Carroll really does clean up nice!!!  I liked Ryan Gosling's character and there were some very good twists and turns.  And one VERY funny scene, that alone makes this a must see movie!  I give it three stars!

Cowboys and Aliens

It's strange, but I don't understand why aliens visiting us in the era of the cowboy seems so much stranger then when they come to modern man?  It's just seems weird, like it's more unbelievable, but why???  So this movie made me think!  It wasn't too bad.  I had low expectations and did enjoy it a bit.  The acting didn't seem all that great, but special effects were ok and it kept my interest, for some reason.  Not a must see to me, but I did like it ok.  Good one to rent.