Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger

Stay for the credits, there's a scene of the next movie you don't want to miss.  I was so excited seeing it.  You'll have to guess why!  Yes, I loved this movie.  It was cool to see the back story this way.  I always like how they tie all the stories together.

The story is Chris Evans plays Steve Rogers, a really small guy trying to enlist to go off to war (WWII), but he keeps getting rejected.  Finally a doctor (Stanley Tucci - love him) notices and suggests Steve Rogers for an experiment to create an elite super-soldier unit.  Rogers turns super big and strong, but the formula is lost, so he's the only one.  He then becomes a symbol of strength and good for the American citizens.  This movie had some good action and I thought the acting was good.  The first scenes trying to make Chris Evans seem puny were a bit distracting, but not too off-putting.  This is a must see, I give it 3 stars!

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