Friday, October 28, 2011

The Big Year

This is something of an odd movie.  Well, maybe it's just an odd topic.  Evidently there is a bird watching competition.  Birders (bird watchers) try to see and identify as many different specie of bird in a single year. Kenny Bostick (Owen Wilson) owns the world record, 730 some.  He's a little neurotic about it, fearful that someone will beat his record and decides he needs to go follow the birds to make sure no one is close to breaking his record.  His wife would prefer he stay around and help start a family.  Stu (Steve Martin) is a wealthy, retired executive, or at least he's trying to retire, who has always wanted to do a "Big Year" and finally decides to go for it, with the total support of his loving family. Brad (Jack Black) is a bumbling computer geek who has always loved birding and decides he must to a Big Year, with the support of his mother, moral and financial.  Dad isn't so supportive and thinks he is a loser.  So the story is about these three guys and what they'll do, and won't do to be the Birder of the Year.  A whole new world I never knew about.  It was okay, I give it a two.  It's perfect for a good, clean family movie.

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